Monday 13th of March

“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Abide in my love.”

John 15:9-10 

 Jesus shows us his love for the Father through his life, giving, compassion and mercy. Everything that Jesus did was firstly out of love for the Father. The love that he received from his father was the love that he gave to others.

Today we are also invited to remain and abide in God’s love for us. Many times, during the day, we may drift away from his love because we get caught up in the different events of life. But Jesus draws closer to us in these moments of struggle and calls on us to remain in his love. He loves us despite our mistakes and failures. By choosing to abide in his love, we experience his grace, hope, joy, peace and strength that only he can provide.

Let us turn our gaze to Jesus, drawing us close to him so that we can hear him remind us to “abide in my love.”. In this time of Lent, may we make an extra effort to abide in God’s love as we live by each day.

2023-03-13 Weekly Reading 7