Sunday 12th of March

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other….”

Matthew 6:24-25

As we move through lent, we are invited to check in on our motivation for doing what we do. We can ask ourselves, who are we following? Jesus reminds us in the gospel that we can’t serve two masters. Are we trying to serve two masters? If so, who is that other master who takes the central place in our hearts?

What or who is it that we are devoted to? What consumes our minds and hearts? Is it God and our love for him? When we are devoted and centred on God, we experience inner peace, rest, and calm. Not because everything is easy but because we allow God to guide and hold us.  However, when our hearts are centred on something else, money, ambition, or power, we begin to feel divided and restless.

Today let us spend some time examining our hearts and motivation so that we can make sure we are serving only one master: our loving God!

2023-03-12 Weekly Reading 6