Friday 2nd of June

“The fig tree; the cleansing of the Temple.”

Mark 11:11-26 

If we are to have faith, we need to believe in the love that God has for us. We need to believe that God so loves us that the power of God is available to us in Jesus Christ. We need to believe that we’re in a relationship with a God who cares for us unconditionally. Faith has to be personal, believing in a God who cares for us and will act on our behalf.

It is clear that faith is so much more than knowing he Ten Commandments or going to church. Faith is believing in God’s love for us, a love that is deep enough and real enough to be present in our lives. So, what do you do, if the love that God has for you seems to be absent in your life? You don’t give up but work hard to find that elusive love only God can provide. The great thing about faith is that we can ask for it whenever we are ready. There are no preconditions because faith does not depend on our love for God but on God’s love for us.

Weekly Reading 4