Saturday 3rd of June

“I will not tell you my authority for acting like this.”

Mark 11:27-33

Sometimes we forget we are not the boss, we think Jesus is accountable to us! Sometimes we may ask Jesus questions in order to get a certain answer to confirm our own line of thinking. But he isn’t oblivious to this- even if we ourselves are. We are the same with Jesus as we are with other people, how often do we ask questions to others with the intention of proving something to ourselves that we want to believe about a situation or a person?

Or how often do we say ‘I don’t know’ like the chief priests and elders because we don’t want to admit to what we think or believe, where saying we don’t know feels safer in some way? Jesus helps us to know ourselves by observing when we are not being honest and not playing into our manipulations. If we feel that Jesus is not answering us, maybe we can consider what is behind our questions. Are we genuinely curious, seeking knowledge or clarity or are we asking from another place?

When Jesus asks us a question, do we really not know the answer or are we disinclined to acknowledge it? Jesus wants us to come to him with our hearts open as he knows that without open hearts, his words or responses will be lost on us with misinterpretation or confusion. He invites us to an honest dialogue and to trust him.

Weekly Reading 5