Wednesday 31st of May

The Visitation of Mary

“The Almighty has done great things for me.”
Luke 1:39-56

When we are touched by God’s love and his Word, we are filled with joy, hope, and peace and we are able to recognise the many great things God has done in our lives.

We are blessed to have the Trinity and Mother Mary in our lives. We grow in trust and confidence when we believe in God’s word, as Mary did. Whatever Jesus has promised us, he will deliver to us in his time. All we need to do is to trust and have faith in him. Mother Mary is our spiritual mother, and she teaches us throughout our life how to pray and live with faith, gentleness and patience.

This week, we are called to spend more time with Mother Mary in prayer to learn from her. Let Mother Mary visit our hearts and have a dialogue with her. How do we respond to Mother Mary? What are the great things that Jesus has done for us?

Weekly Reading 2