Tuesday 30th of May

“Whoever has left everything for the sake of the gospel will be repaid.”

Mark 10: 28-31

We hear about investment rates of return that are too good to be true. We think that a 30% return is suspicious and should be checked. Jesus promises us that we will receive a hundred times what we leave for Him and for the Gospel – that is 10,000%! Also, we will receive our reward not just for a few years until our money runs out, but for eternity!

What might we have left for Jesus and the Gospel? We may have had relationships where people disagreed with our faith and we may even have been persecuted. Jesus talks about leaving fields behind, which means that we have given up some of our material possessions and the status that the world offers us. Jesus faced the same experiences in His time on earth and He knows the suffering that we can face. We can focus on how great our reward will be in Heaven, given the cost that we can face here. Jesus, thank you for promising us that we can be first with you and with all of the saints in Heaven.

Weekly Reading 1