4. Friday 28th of Oct

Feast of Simon and Jude
Luke 6:12-19 “Jesus chooses his twelve apostles.”

Jesus was about to make the important decision about the choice of his twelve apostles, something that could have repercussions for all humanity and, indeed into eternity. In preparation for making his important decision, Jesus spent the whole night in prayer to God. Do we opt for a similar preparation (i.e. pray fervently) when confronted with important decisions we need to make?

Jesus chose and called his disciples after some time of prayer. Consider what was in Jesus’ heart – the hope, trust and love that he had for his disciples as he chose them to be close to him. We need to allow Jesus to look on each and every one of us with the same hope, trust and love. Let yourself be called by Jesus and most importantly, ask for grace to be able to respond fully from your heart. In this passage, Luke summarises Jesus’ way of life: prayer, forming his groups of disciples,
preaching, healing. May we prayerfully and openly look at our life at present, and ask Jesus for the freedom, wisdom and commitment to achieve His way of life.

2022-10-28 Reading 4