5. Saturday 29th of Oct

Luke 14:7-11 “Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled.”

Jesus encourages us to choose differently and respond to him rather than follow our own plans or desires or inclinations. He shows us that humility is about being willing and open to sitting at the lower seat at the table, in the low feelings, perhaps a place of poverty or being unrecognised. Continued….
It is about accepting who and where we are, being open to sit where he calls us, without an agenda. It is about being present there, engaging with those around us, sharing bread, and sharing our lives.

Pride puts us where we desire or think we deserve to be and tells us we are more superior. Choosing this way leads to loss of empathy and creates separation from those around us and from God. God invites us to draw closer to him, by being with ourselves and with others whom we may not always choose, in a place or situation that is not our first preference. He invites us to go where he directs us, not where we think we should be. He does this with the promise it will lead to our deeper heart’s desire. It is by losing our sense of entitlement and not just going through the motions whilst our minds are elsewhere, it is by embracing his way fully that we will be truly honoured.

2022-10-29 Reading 5