Monday 11th of March

“Go home: your son will live.”

John 4:43-54

We all pray for what we desire. However, often it seems that we receive very little of what we have asked for, at least in the way we wanted it to be answered. Does that mean that Jesus did not hear our prayers? Do we only believe in Jesus if He answers our prayers exactly as we specify? Perhaps the fundamental question we need to ask ourselves is: do we truly love, believe, and trust Jesus? Do we trust that Jesus loves us, is always with us and that He does gift and grace us?

We need to ask and pray to Jesus for what we need and desire. However, we also need to have a broad perspective. Instead of impatiently waiting for the answer to our specific prayer, we need to be open and listen deeply. Jesus will answer our prayer. However, His answer may not be what we would like to hear. Thus, we need to openly trust that Jesus will bless us and grace us as we truly need. Jesus will not disappoint us, even if we have to wait for a while. Will we continue to have open, hopeful, and trusting hearts?

Weekly Reading 7