Sunday 25th of February

Lent week 2

“This is my Son, the Beloved.”

Mark 9:2-10

Today, we are invited to climb the mountain with Jesus; he has something that he wants to reveal to us. How do we deal with this invitation? Are you excited that we are one of only three who were chosen?

When Peter, James and John were on the mountain, they witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus and heard the voice of God confirming the identity of Jesus. Each time we pray, we can experience being transfigured ourselves when we are in the presence of God and listen to his voice. True prayer does not leave us the same.

Today, let us ask God for the grace to be open to the Word of God so that we can experience a transformation of our thinking, actions, and decisions. Is there anything that is preventing Jesus’ word from touching us today? Lent, as we know, is a time of change – so we pray, Lord, that your presence and your word might change us.

2024-02-25 Weekly Reading 6