7. Monday 31st of Oct

Luke 14:12-14 “Do not invite those who might be able to invite you back.”

Jesus challenges us about our guest list. Jesus often dined with the poor, crippled, sinners and those who were isolated in society. And he asks for us to do the same. Do we notice people in our lives, in our families, workplaces and communities that are isolated or ignored by others because of their reputation or other reasons that cause them to be excluded?

Jesus calls on us to invite them, to choose to come to their encounter. It is those we find difficult to dine with, to invite them into our lives, for that is the ultimate expression of love, in giving mercy to others. We may not be received well by the other person in our attempts, but our intention will be rewarded in heaven, where we find true satisfaction. Jesus’ love is for all and it is our mission to let others know this through our invitation of love and mercy.

2022-10-31 Reading 7