1. Tuesday 25th of Oct

Luke 13: 18-21 “The kingdom of God is like the yeast that leavened three measures of flour.”

Jesus was very practical with His parables. He spoke about everyday things that his listeners could understand. They all ate unleavened bread for seven days at the time of Passover to remember the suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt before God rescued them. A small amount of yeast makes bread rise and gives it flavour, so unleavened bread tends to be plain and is not as appetising as the bread and cakes with yeast that we enjoy.

Do we bring life and joy to the people we meet? We may feel that the smiles and acts of kindness that we share do not make a difference in this world of fear and troubles. But Jesus tells us in the story of the yeast and in many other parables how He can multiply our efforts. Yeast when added to other ingredients turns flat bread into a delicious loaf. A tiny mustard seed can grow into a tree where the birds of the air make their nests. We can reflect on the times when God has used us to bear great fruit and we can thank Him for His creative power.


2022-10-25 Reading 1