Sunday 18th of JuneĀ 

“The harvest is rich, but theĀ labourers are few.”

Matthew 9:36-10:8

We all have a mission. Sometimes, however, we can live without any real purpose or focus. Jesus reminds us today that we have been called and chosen to participate in his mission to spread the good news. As Jesus went from town to town, he saw the needs of people; we are told “he felt sorry for them because they were dejected, like sheep without a shepherd.”

As we move about our day, are we sensitive to the needs of others? Do we, too, feel sorry when we see people sad and without hope? Do we make it a priority to share the good news with them? Today we might like to dialogue with Jesus about how we can live out the mission concretely in our daily lives. We all need to do our part because it is true that “the harvest is large, but the labourers are few.”

2023-06-18 Weekly Reading 6