Sunday 3rd of March

“Destroy this sanctuary and in three days I will raise it up.”

John 2:13-25

As we slowly read the gospel today, perhaps a question arises in us: Lord, what needs to be driven out in me? In our passage, we see an unfamiliar scene: the anger of Jesus. The sacred space of the temple had been turned into a worldly marketplace. God’s presence had become obscured through the buying and selling of animals.

Our hearts are the sacred space where God dwells. Jesus has told us that God has desired to make his home in us. What is the condition of our hearts today? Is it a place of encounter with God? Or have worldly endeavours contaminated our hearts? Our lives are meant to reveal God. But this can only happen if we allow Jesus to drive out the “sheep and cattle” that have taken residence in us.

Lord, come to us today, purify our hearts, renew and transform us so that we might reveal your face and love to all we encounter today.

Weekly Reading 6