Monday 4th of March

“No prophet is ever accepted in his own country.”

Luke 4:24-30

Jesus makes it clear that he understands the problem: No prophet is accepted in the prophet’s home town. Jesus understands because it happened to him. Of course, there is a difference. Jesus’ messages on matters of faith are always clear and truthful. Jesus stayed firm, even in the face of vehement opposition, just as we are called to stand firm.

Have you taken time to look deeply into your heart during Lent? Or have you been too busy or perhaps even afraid to quieten down? For many of us, Lent may not be a comfortable season of our Church year as Lent invites and challenges us to quieten down and go deep into our minds and our hearts.

In Lent, we are called to prayerfully engage with scripture, to fast and to serve. Our journey of faith is meant to draw us closer to God. Surely, as we draw closer to God, we want to share the joy and excitement of that experience! We may feel uncomfortable when challenged about our faith, but let us be resolved to be truly Christ-like as we live out our calling to faithful prophecy.

Weekly Reading 7