Friday 19th of May

 “Your hearts will be full of joy that no-one will take from you.”

John 16:20-23

Jesus warns his disciples that they would go through difficult moments in their lives while others are rejoicing. There will be times when they will weep, mourn, and grieve. There also will be times when their grief will be transformed into joy. Nonetheless, Jesus was also assuring His disciples that for as long as they stay with Him, they all will be able to pull through all of their difficulties.

We must always remember that the life that we have chosen with Jesus will not always be a walk in the park or a bed of roses. There shall be drought and loneliness where we feel alone. However, we will be able to pull through all of these problems and other difficulties because we continue to hold and rest our destiny upon Christ Jesus. Let us never hold on to this world, for it will never help us solve our problems/difficulties in life. Let us rather hold on to Jesus for as long as we are with Jesus; we will have eternal life. We will always be able to rejoice when Jesus gifts us with new life and hope.

Weekly Reading 4