Sunday 26th of February 2023

 “Hearing these words, he went away sad…”

Matthew 19: 16-22 

To experience the power of prayer and the Word of God in our lives each day, we need to be willing not only to pray but also to do what Jesus asks of us. The man in our passage today came to Jesus with the desire to have a closer relationship with God. However, when Jesus invited him to sell what was getting in the way of his relationship with God and others, he went away sad, he did not want to sell what he had.

Today as we come to prayer, we too might want to draw closer to God. When Jesus speaks to us, let us be open to him and his word. Jesus is always working for our good and seeking to draw us closer to God. As we pray, pay attention to what he says to us and dialogue with him, asking:

Lord, how can I put your word into practice when I feel challenged? Please give us the courage to do what you ask of us.

2023-02-26 Weekly Reading 6