Saturday 25th of February 2023

 “Give me a drink” 

John 4: 1-26 

How are we when Jesus comes to our encounter? When our resources are running low and we are at our well, the place we go to for nourishment, we can notice how similar or different we are to the Samaritan woman in our responses. She is surprised he is engaging with her, she is curious, dubious that there is anything better he can offer than what she has, yet also open, honest and willing to listen. Jesus is the one who comes into our lives by breaking societal or conventional rules, even our own rules, about the appropriate time, place and manner. The one who speaks directly to our hearts, to our life circumstances, where we are, with truth and clarity and gentleness and hope. Are we willing to connect with our curiosity and see and hear him when he shows up unexpectedly in our daily life, to engage in dialogue with him?

2023-02-25 Weekly Reading 5