Sunday 3rd of September

“Get behind me, Satan!’

Matthew 16:21-27

Today, we get an insight into the challenges that the disciples faced in comprehending the reality that would face Jesus in Jerusalem. Even though Jesus told his disciples what would happen to him, Peter was having none of it, saying to Jesus, “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!” However, Jesus spoke strongly to Peter using language that might even shock us. He says to Peter, “Get behind me, satan!”

Why did Jesus rebuke Peter so strongly? Jesus didn’t want anyone or anything to get in the way of him doing the Father’s will. Peter’s rejection of Jesus’ pending suffering and death was seen by Jesus as a stumbling block. What Jesus needed from his disciples was support, not denial. How do we respond when faced with doing something that we find hard? Are we accepting, or do we reject the will of God?

Weekly Reading 6