Monday 4th of September 

 “This text is being fulfilled today, even as you listen.”

Luke 4:16-30

Today, Jesus reminds us of our mission as his followers and what it means to be a Christian today. In his ministry, Jesus focused on those in need in society that were ignored and looked down upon. Many people did not understand this way of living and criticised him for speaking to and spending time with sinners and outcasts.

When we choose to follow Jesus, we, too will be confronted by tension from others. Yet, we are called to spread the good news and the truth that Jesus teaches us. Jesus’ message is one of love, mercy and compassion. The Holy Spirit is working in and around us, moving us with the desire to go out to others and make known his name.

As we live out each day, are there people in our families, neighbourhoods, workplaces, friendships, or communities that seek God’s word? Where are we called today to spread the good news? How willing are we to leave our comfort zone to speak a word of life to others?

Weekly reading 7