Friday 12th of May

“What I command you is to love one another.”

John 15:12-17

Being Christian results in being a close friend of Jesus, and our friendship continues to mature and blossom. Unlike other friendships, letting His spiritual mystery grow in our hearts encourages and obliges us to treat everyone as friends. Filled with selfless love (agape), our human wounds (previous emotional experiences) and weaknesses (judging, etc.) will not get in the way of being Christ-like. A fruitful sign is that we take part in “other’s” needs with the goal of them knowing what it means to love one another as friends. These moments build treasure in our hearts because we have trusted the Father’s will and thoughts and prayed in Jesus’s name.

Jesus reminds the disciples that they are his followers, because he has chosen them; they have not chosen him. We do not grant any favour on Jesus by following him. We are only answering a call that has already come from Him. And the response to that call is to “bear fruit”, lasting fruit. As a child of God, are you unconditionally able to follow Jesus’ footsteps and “go and bear fruit”?

Weekly Reading 4