Friday 10th of March

“…love the Lord, your God, follow him in all his ways….”

Joshua 22:1-5 

Joshua’s reminder to the eastern tribes, is also a reminder to us. To live a victorious life, we need to keep and live His Words deep within our hearts. Then, we are able to give God our love as a result of His Word. We need to love God first before we can walk in obedience to His Word. When we realise that God is our ‘everything’, our perspective of Him will change as we lovingly embrace Him wholeheartedly into our lives.

To love God is not an abstract feeling; it is shown in the way we live our lives. In praying this passage, we are clearly shown that loving God means keeping his commandments and serving him with our entire beings. It is of utmost importance that we are vigilant in reminding ourselves that we always continue to love God with all our hearts and to always continue to abide by His commandments. Has your heart been constantly tempted to stray? When you do stray, do you remember to try and focus on God throughout the day?

2023-03-10 Weekly Reading 4