Thursday 9th of March

“If you love me, you will keep my commands….”

John 14:6-15

In today’s reading, Jesus teaches that he and the Father are one, and that it is the Father who dwells in him that is doing his works.  So too, when we pray, and encounter the love of God, we are drawn to love others more and allow God to work in and through us to love those around us.  This is not always easy, which is why we need to remain connected to Jesus through prayer.  When we do, we allow Jesus the opportunity to expand our hearts more to love those in our life who are not always easy to love. How does God speak to me about loving others?

Showing our love for God cannot be separated from our life. Jesus reminds us that we will keep his commandments if we love him.  Today we can reflect, how is my love for Jesus?  Is it totally loving, faithful and fruitful? In what ways do I need to grow in this love?

2023-03-09 Weekly reading 3