Friday 1st of September

“The wise and foolish virgins.”

Matthew 25:1-13

The Parable of the Ten Virgins reminds us that we need to always be ready to meet our creator. Nobody knows the time or day. That is why, the present moment is very critical. It is all we have. What should we prepare? Are we attired with the garment of purity? Do we have the oil of faith, the lamp of hope and the vessel of love? If our garment is stained with sin, there is still time to wash it with repentance and forgiveness. If our oil is at its lowest amount, let us increase it with prayer. If our lamp is not functioning, fix it with the inspiring Word of God. If our vessel is empty, allow the Holy Spirit to fill it with its power.

We know that at any time our Creator will call us into His Kingdom. We just don’t know the exact time. For the wise, there is no problem. Their entire life on earth is but a preparation for that moment of encounter with the Lord. But the fool continues to ignore this warning. Choose to be wise. Be ready at any time.

Weekly Reading 4