Thursday 7th of September 

 “They left everything and followed him.”

Luke 5:1-11

In today’s reading, Jesus calls the first disciples. As we read this passage, we can reflect on our own calling to follow Jesus. When Jesus got into their boat, he asked them to put out into deep water and let down their nets. Even though they’d worked hard all night long and caught nothing, because Jesus asked, they did it.

Whenever Jesus asks something of us, he always gives us the grace to do it. He brings about a catch far greater than we could have imagined. The disciples left everything they knew and followed him. What about us? Where is Jesus asking us to go out into deep water, and trust him for what is ahead of us? Today let us give thanks for the gift it is to know Jesus, and that we may continue to deepen in our following of him throughout our life.

Weekly Reading 3