Friday 8th of September 

Birthday of Mary

“How Jesus Christ came to be born.”

Matthew 1:18-23

We celebrate today the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus, throughout His lifetime, was guided by the Blessed Mother. From His birth up to His death on the cross, the Blessed Mother was there for Him. She is the ever-present and patient mother who nurtured Jesus, who guided Jesus and who never left the side of Jesus until His last gasp for breath. This is primarily the reason why we give so much honour to the Blessed Mother. This is the reason why we ask Mary to bring our prayers before Jesus.

We firmly believe that the Blessed Mother will intercede for us. Any righteous son will listen to his mother’s request. This is what we believe; that’s why our devotion to the Blessed Mother is as strong as ever. On this birthday of the Blessed Mother, let us continue to honour and draw close to her. Like Mary, we also persevere to allow ourselves to be used by God for the glory of His name and for the salvation of the world.

Weekly Reading 4