Wednesday 6th of September 

“He would not allow them to speak because they knew he was the Christ.”

Luke 4:38-44

God works in mysterious ways, and he often uses other people as instruments to speak and challenge us. Sometimes, we might feel situations are out of our control, but things can fall back into place in God’s time.

In all things, God is behind the scenes and always working. And when we reflect on our lives and the different situations that we have lived, we see that God is always looking after us.

This week, we are invited to spend time with God to experience his loving presence more deeply. While it is true that we can be nourished by hearing other people’s testimonies of faith, how much more nourishment would we get if we have an intimate prayer with God ourselves? When God moves us, we remember and cherish those moments. And it’s from this experience that we can share it with others.

Can we recall our past experiences when God moved us? Do we go out and share the Word of God with people?

Weekly Reading 2