Tuesday 5th of September 

“I know who you are: the Holy One of God.”

Luke 4:31-37

We read today about how Jesus not only dealt with the unclean spirit, He also healed the man who had been rejected by his own community. We can imagine how people would have treated the man who was shouting and abusive. They would have regarded him as an outcast, especially since he was behaving without any respect in the holy place of their synagogue. The man was not only suffering, he was being oppressed by his family and neighbours.

Jesus showed his compassion and mercy by healing the man without allowing the spirit to do him any harm. He restored dignity to the man, who went from being an outcast to being welcomed back into his community. People began talking about Jesus as the Holy One of God because of his authority and His healing powers. How do we treat people who are in need? Do we ignore them, or help them but feel superior to them? Jesus, may people please talk about us because they see us treating people with dignity and restoring them to being fully children of God.

Weekly reading 1