Thursday 15th of June

 “Anyone who is angry with his brother will answer for it.”

Matthew 5:20-26

In today’s reading, Jesus goes to the heart of the meaning behind the Old Testament commandment ‘you shall not kill’. We may be tempted to become self-righteous, thinking we are doing ok in following the commandments. But do we look deeper as Jesus invites us to in this reading? Are we angry with anyone? Do we know anyone with something against us, that we are invited to be reconciled with? Do we see the connection Jesus makes here?

The standards Jesus sets in his teachings are very high, and we need his grace at work in us to be able to practice them. But in doing so, we experience freedom and a fullness of life that only he can offer. Today, let us sit at the feet of Jesus and reflect on his words, and ask for the holy Spirit to open our eyes to any areas of spiritual blindness.

2023-06-15 Weekly Reading 3