Friday 16th of June

The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened.”

Matthew 11: 25-30 

We celebrate the sacred heart of Jesus today, and it is not surprising that all our readings centre around the heart and love. In the first reading, Moses reminded the people that the Lord set his heart on them and chose them to be his people. We are invited to reflect on Lord’s love and kindness towards us, as we, too are his chosen people.

In the 2nd reading, (1 John 4:7-16) St John reminds us that love is our purpose in life because love comes from God. Finally, in the gospel, Jesus reminds us of who he is, “gentle and humble of heart” Jesus is a God who seeks to lighten our burden and gives us peace and rest in his love. We might like to ponder today what the Lord is trying to say to us through these readings? How can we not only welcome the love of God into our hearts today but also bear witness to his love so that others may encounter his love through us.

2023-06-16 Weekly Reading 4