Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

 “…hurry and come down, for today I must stay at your house.

Luke 19:1-10  

Today begins our Lenten Journey for 2023, and we are encouraged to spend quality time praying and asking Jesus to speak to our hearts.  We may be short of kindness, patience, and compassion and overwhelmed with our own weaknesses; however, by developing an authentic relationship with Jesus through prayer we can experience being transformed like Zacchaeus in this passage. 

Nothing can prevent us from going to Jesus and experiencing his merciful and unconditional love.  Although we may have limitations, Jesus is there to help us work on expanding what we lack.

The more we spend time with Jesus, the more we can grow, change, be authentic, and willing to take the next steps in our journey with Jesus.  We need to put in an effort, be open, and be ready to change.  Only Jesus can fulfil the longings  we have to “see” him.

  • Are we eager to spend time with Jesus?
  • Are we going to Jesus as we are and letting go of things that prevent us from loving and being the person we were created to be?
2023-02-22 Weekly Reading 2