Wednesday 10th of May

 “I am the vine, you are the branches.”

John 15:1-8

Today, we are reminded that we were created to be with God and depend on him because we can do nothing without him.  When we are one with Jesus, his Word gives life, love, peace, hope and comfort. 
When we allow his word to nourish us spiritually, it will be seen in how we are, how we speak to others, and our minds, thoughts and emotions.  People will also see Jesus in us, and our lives will bear fruit.  When we are not united to Jesus, our lives lack meaning ad purpose.

To be united with Jesus, we need to pray to have an authentic relationship with him so we can experience his unconditional love.  We can rely on Jesus and let him guide us.  Also, with Jesus, our life can be complete with peace, confidence, and joy.  Do we rely on Jesus or our strength?  Do we connect with Jesus spiritually?

Weekly Reading 2