Tuesday 9th of May

“A peace the world cannot give is my gift to you.”

John 14: 27-31

The most common phrase that Jesus said was, “Peace be with you.” He met many people who felt worried and overwhelmed by their problems. We have the same issues today. One of the most common health problems that people have is stress and depression. The world tells us that we can overcome our anxieties by getting more money, winning that promotion or going on the holiday that we see advertised.

Jesus does not want His followers to have their wants satisfied today, only to be unhappy tomorrow. He wants to give us eternal peace, not the peace that the world gives. Are we open to what Jesus wants to give us? He wants us to love God first, so that we can see our problems in perspective with His eyes. Then He wants us to love others as we love ourselves, so that we don’t just focus on our own selfish desires. Thank you, Jesus for the gift of Your peace in a time of so much trouble and fear. Please help us to gratefully accept your gift and to share it with others.

Weekly Reading 1