Wednesday 1st of May

Saint Joseph the Worker
“a Prophet is only despised in his own country.”

Matthew 13:54-58

Many of us may experience that it is sometimes harder to deal with people in our own family than friends. It may be because we take one another for granted, we are in their comfort zone, and we do not want to deal with certain issues or what we feel uncomfortable with.

However, today Jesus is reminding us to remain in his love, continue doing what is right, and stay strong in our faith. No matter what challenges we may face, we persevere in doing things out of love, without expecting things in return. When we pray, it helps us to be more open, loving, accepting other people as God’s children, not to judge others or hold grudges against anyone. Do we try to love unconditionally? How do we exercise our faith when things do not turn out our way?

2024-05-01 Weekly Reading 2