Thursday 2nd of May

 “Remain in my love.”

John 15:9-11

In today’s reading, Jesus invites us to remain in his love, to live our lives with him and carry his love in us throughout our day. To remain means returning to him regularly, speaking to him and invite him into the everyday parts of our life. How do we practice remaining?

Jesus shows us how to remain, by his own relationship with God the Father. This was how he learnt love, and receive love, by spending time with the Father. What an honour that Jesus extends this invitation to us as well to remain in him. When we remain with him, and truly give to Jesus, our time, works, and love, he gives us joy and peace in return. Nothing is ever wasted, and Jesus is never outdone in generosity. Today, let us choose to remain with Jesus and remember his love, so that we may experience the promise of joy in this life and the next.

2024-05-02 Weekly Reading 3