Tuesday 21st of March

 “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled….”

 Luke 14: 7-11

Often in life, we try so hard to avoid being humbled. The word “humiliation” brings to mind the idea of being shamed in front of people whose opinion we value. Yet Jesus came to show us through his life that our greatness lies in our ability and willingness to humble ourselves.

We may think that humility is a type of powerlessness, to reduce ourselves before others. But Jesus shows us that to be humble is to be free. If we have no pride and we are humbled, what have we lost? We don’t have to waste our time and energy worrying about what others think. If we went to the marriage feast as a proud person, we would feel stressed about what place of honor we should take. But we can imagine the humble person enjoying the feast and then having the bonus of the host treating him as a friend. Jesus, please help us to base our worth on your friendship, not on human status, so that you can raise us up at Your eternal feast in Heaven.

2023-03-21 Weekly Reading 1