“Use money, tainted as it is, to win you friends.”

Luke 16:9-15

The Pharisees prioritised money in their lives and used it to benefit themselves, even though they outwardly projected a value system that prioritised God. The reality was that their true motivations and values were different from what they displayed.

They loved money the most, and this led them away from God and others God asks us to use the resources of this world, like money as a way to connect with others, but not to drive us. We can do what we like with worldly resources as long as we are serving God and loving others.

In what areas of our lives do we display one set of priorities and yet inwardly live by another, maybe without even realising? Are we open to ask what is stopping us from being open to a true conversion of heart and to allowing God to show us what we are clinging to that is not Him?

2202-11-05 Reading 5