“The master praised the dishonest servant.”

Luke 16:1-8

In today’s passage, it is clear that both the acts of the steward and his master are unrighteous. They are both worldly or sons of the world as described by Jesus Himself. They are shrewd in handling money and they both know how to deal with each other in a manipulative situation so that in the end, they make personal gains. Jesus never condones such acts of unrighteousness. Instead, He is calling us to be people of the light. Jesus does not condemn money but he definitely does not condone the evils by which people use to make money and how they spend it.

As people of the light, let us join Him in condemning greed and corruption, which are present all around us. Let us also acknowledge that the squander of wealth or extravagance is bad stewardship. Jesus constantly reminds us that all of our wealth or possessions including our talents, are gifts from God. We must be good stewards of these gifts. That means we ought to use them for the good of all and for the glory of God.

2202-11-04 Reading 4