Tuesday 2nd of April

“I have seen the Lord and he has spoken to me.”

John 20: 11-18

Jesus empowered women. In His time on earth, Jewish women only had a background role. But St John emphasises the role of Mother Mary and other women throughout his gospel. Mother Mary asked Jesus to perform His first miracle at the wedding at Cana. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were 2 of the few faithful disciples at the foot of the cross and Mary Magdalene was the first evangelist of the resurrection of Jesus.

But even though Jesus raised women up, they still faced rejection and difficulties. Mary shared to the disciples that she had seen the Lord and told her what He had said, but it seems that they did not really believe her. Jesus had risen from the dead and was ascending to His Father, but they were still afraid. We can read in verse 19 of Chapter 20 that when Jesus visited the disciples, they were locked in their room out of fear. Jesus, please help us to overcome our fear of rejection when we want to share your Good News. Please help us to be like St Mary Magdalene, who looked for you, found you and shared the joy of your resurrection as you commanded.

Weekly Reading 1