Monday 22nd of May

 “Be brave, for I have conquered theworld.”

John 16:29-33

Jesus calls on us to “take courage” and “be brave” because he has already conquered the world! How important are these words for us? Jesus is constantly reassuring us that we do not need to be afraid. Jesus knew the hearts of the disciples, and he also knows that we can easily fall short, get discouraged by our struggles and failures, and lose faith. Yet he reminds us that we will face these challenges, but there is nothing that he has not overcome.

Do we believe that he is there with us in our struggles? Do we seek him when things are difficult? Where in our lives is Jesus asking us to take courage in decisions, people or situations? Each day we encounter our daily struggles, and in each moment, we are called not to be afraid and to trust and believe in him so that we may receive the peace of Jesus in our hearts.

Weekly Reading 7