Monday 15th of July

 “May Christ live in your hearts through faith.”

Ephesians 3:14-19

Today’s passage reminds us of how centred our lives are if we continuously allow ourselves to have faith and experience God’s love. We are to live together with others, experiencing Christ’s love. This is no easy task. We need to feel with our heart, our minds and our intuitions the many, varied and incredible dimensions of Christ’s love. Christ’s love extends into the depths where we are lost and helpless without Him. Christ’s love rises to the heights, where we can journey upwards in God’s love and be filled with His goodness. We are to weave this love into the very fabric of our daily lives. However, there are many things which block us from embracing the reality of God’s love for us – such as hopelessness, guilt, shame, hurt, fear, resentment and disappointment.

We all at times experience degrees of these negative emotions. Too often, Christians are merely satisfied with having Christ’s love instead of trying to understand it. Are you aware that the capacity to love others and to live a life of godliness begins with the comprehension of Christ’s love?

2024-07-15 Weekly Reading 7