Sunday 14th of July

 ‘Take nothing with you’

Mark 6:7-13

When we look at the life of Jesus in the Gospels, we see how he was always on the move, going from one village to another to new people with new needs. This is the lifestyle that Jesus invites us to follow as his missionary disciples. This does not mean that we have to move house constantly, but rather live with a spirit of detachment and trust in the providence of God as we share the Good News.

Jesus does not want us to get bogged down with life’s worries and prevented from living out the mission. Today, let us think about those closest to us: our family, friends, work colleagues, and neighbours. Do we have a restlessness for them to come to Jesus more deeply? Do we feel the spirit encouraging us to share the good news with them? It is easy to share the good news with those far away, but what about those closest to us?

Lord, we pray for guidance as we strive to be courageous missionary disciples, following in your footsteps. Grant us the love, joy, and compassion to share your life, word, and love with all the people that you have placed in our lives. We acknowledge that we cannot do this alone, and we seek your strength through prayer.

2024-07-14 Weekly Reading 6