Saturday 13th of July

“He cured them all but warned them not to make him known.”

Matthew 12:14-21

When we follow Jesus, we are shown the way to a life filled with hope. However, the Pharisees did not understand Jesus’ good works of healing and sought to oppose and destroy him. Sometimes, we may be followers of Jesus, and in other moments, we can rebel against God’s will, which can affect our relationship with Jesus. Do we realise that everything we go through can be used for good if we open ourselves up to Jesus? Jesus shows us that he can heal any part of us if we believe.

Jesus wants to pull us close to him, calling us to prayer and seeking to know him more to understand his love, mercy and compassion. Let us be moved to follow Jesus and to listen to his voice so that we may live our lives with joy and hope and become more like him.

2024-07-13 Weekly Reading 5