Wednesday 10th of July

‘Go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.’

Matthew 10:1-7

Today, Jesus calls us all to reach out to the lost sheep around us. These lost sheep could be in our workplaces, universities, families or even among strangers. We might wonder why we must go. It is because, through us, others can come to know Jesus and experience the transformation through the power of his love.

By sharing Jesus with them, we offer them a chance for a new beginning—a life filled with love, peace, hope, and everything they need. Everyone deserves to be heard, loved, cared for and understood. We can be part of this process! We can make a difference by giving others what we have: love, prayers, and words of encouragement. Who are these lost sheep who Jesus wants us to approach? Those who feel disconnectedfromGodorlostinlife’sstruggles. Have you ever felt lost? Let’s reflect on how Jesus helped us find our way back so we can also help others too.

2024-07-10 Weekly Reading 2