Thursday 11th of July

 “They will be repaid a hundred times over and inherit eternal life.”

Matthew 19:27-29

In today’s reading, Jesus promises those who give up houses or land or even family for his sake, will receive a hundred times more in eternal life. For us, what have we given up for the sake of Jesus? Perhaps popularity, the esteem of others, or ‘fitting in’. What about our time, talents, material goods, and money? These are all gifts from God we are asked to steward wisely and share with others. Are we generous,ordowestoretheseupforourselves? How do we make sacrifices for him?

The disciples gave up everything to follow Jesus. This allowed their hearts to be unattached and free to follow Jesus and love him above all others. How is Jesus inviting me to grow deeper in my following of him today?

2024-07-11 Weekly Reading 3