Tuesday 19th of December

 “Be my rock of refuge.”

Psalm 71: 1-17

When all is going well for us, we might feel self- sufficient and forget about God. If we are having an easy time now, we can remember times when God helped us. Or if we feel that we are overwhelmed by problems and that our strength is gone, we can look for how God is close to us in our need.

Do we see that God is our rock of refuge, to which we can always go? We might feel that we pray, but God is not listening. We can pray with the psalmist that God turns his ear to us and rescues us. We can be a sign to many about God’s strength if we praise him. Father God, please help us to recognise your saving acts that you do every day, so that we can proclaim them. Give us the grace to see how you have guided us and protected us all through our lives from our birth and the words to share your marvelous deeds.

2023-12-19 Weekly Reading 1