Monday 18th of December

 “How Jesus Christ came to be born.”

Matthew 1:18-24

Jesus was born because of the faithfulness and obedience of Mary and Joseph, choosing to say ‘yes’ to God’s message in their circumstance. It is not easy to make decisions, yet when we trust God, he gives us clarity to do his will. Mary and Joseph were filled with great courage, faith and trust in God and were able to participate in his plan of salvation for all humanity.

As we meditate on this passage today, particularly Joseph’s role in God’s plan, what is God’s personal message for us? In what ways is God asking us to participate in his plan of salvation today? How can we say yes to God’s will in our lives?

As we continue our Advent journey, let us remember that “God is with us,” may this fill us with the courage to listen to and follow God’s word so that we may draw closer to him.

2023-12-18 Weekly Reading 7