Monday 20th of November

 “Son of David, have pity on me.”

Luke 18:35-43

How easily do we recognise Jesus in our busy lives? In this passage, the blind beggar could not see physically, but he had heard about Jesus, so when Jesus passed by, he recognised who he was and called out to Jesus for help. Not only was this man in need of Jesus, but he also believed that Jesus could do something for him. How about us? How is our faith in Jesus? Jesus wants to come to our encounter, and know what we are going through, and give us words of hope and healing in our lives.

Do we desire the help of our Saviour, Jesus Christ? Or are we blind, thinking we must do things on our own strength? Let us be bold yet humble like this beggar in calling out to Jesus and allowing him to draw near to us. Jesus is always ready to come to us; we need only ask him and trust that he can help heal our minds and hearts.

2023-11-20 Weekly Reading 7