Thursday 5th of October  

“Your peace will rest on that man.”

 Luke 10:1-12

No matter our situation, Jesus invites us all to cooperate in his mission. We are each sent by Jesus to bring his message and his peace to others in need ofit. Wecanreflectonhisinstructionsforhisdisciples to carry no money, no sack, no sandals. It may seem radical, but he didn’t want them to be attached to material possessions, but to follow him and have a humble dependence on God’s provision.

He invites us to bring peace to others, but if they do not receive it, to walk away, and shake off the dust from our feet. He does not want us to be held back from where he is inviting us. What do we need to let go of in order to follow Jesus more closely today? Today, let us pray for the grace to sense God’s invitation for us and to follow it.

2023-10-05 Weekly Reading 3