Wednesday 4th of October 

Saint Francis of Assisi
“’I will follow you wherever you go.”

Luke 9:57-62

When our heart is with Jesus, we feel like we can follow him, and do whatever it takes to be with him. However, it can be challenging when we have excuses, doubts, or plans that can take us away from focusing on Jesus. Today, Jesus is calling us to follow him, to let go and surrender everything into his hands and to let him be the one who takes care of our lives and future. There is a cost of following Jesus, of course, giving up our own pleasure, time, and self- centeredness. However, by looking at Jesus and his self-sacrifice on the cross, this can motivate us to follow him no matter the cost.

Are we ready to follow Jesus in our days? What do we need to let go to follow him?


2023-10-04 Weekly Reading 2